Testimonials about International Club of DC Inc. Programs and Events

We strive to present our members with memorable experiences and appreciate the comments by our members about our activities. We look forward to hearing your own comments about our events.

The International Club of DC can easily keep your social calendar brimming with activities, which also provide convenient opportunities to meld socializing with practicing a foreign language.

The Washington Post

I admire the work that you are doing through the International Club of DC. It fills a real need in a cosmopolitan city like Washington, where people come from the four corners of the planet to live and work and can really benefit from the opportunities your Club provides to meet and get involved in good causes.

William H. Dent Jr., Executive Director, Natural Partners

Just a quick note to tell you what an absolutely fabulous time we had the Viennese Ball. The venue was perfect, the music wonderful, and the food amazing! Everyone was talking about it the next day at work. This organization puts on the most fabulous events and we are never disappointed. Thanks for all the hard work that you do to make these events such a success. You guys are great!

Garnett Black, Executive Assistant to FAA Chief of Staff (Viennese Ball attendee)

You have truly started an amazing club. My wife, Saunders, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Masquerade Ball, and we look forward to future events. This club is truly world class, and a far step above anything else that we have found. Thank you.

Claude Smith (Attendee of Masquerade Ball and Anniversary Gala)

Just wanted you to now that the wine and chocolate sampling last night was the best ICDC event I've ever attended. I met a couple who just moved here from South Africa 3 weeks ago. I also spent a lot of time talking to a group of students here for a week's exchange program studying intellectual property law. They hail from Mexico, The Czech Republic, Turkey, France and Indonesia. Where else could I have met such a wide variety of extremely nice people in the space of three hours?

Richard Fidler

First, to Sanjaya and all who arranged last night's event -- thank you!! What a special venue and delicious combination of activities -- never expected to waltz to a classical orchestra and merenque to a spicy Latin band on the same night, and in a marble ballroom amidst 18th century art, no less :) How fun!!

Sharon Coviak (Midsummer Night's Ball attendee)

Get a taste of the world right here at home. Drink wine with fellow Francophiles, play Sudoku at the Swiss Embassy or meet with a monthly foreign language discussion group. The 26,000-member International Club of DC hosts cultural events, volunteer opportunities, sporting fun and more.

The Washington Post

I wanted to write and say how great this evening was! It was my first time at the Masquerade Ball and I loved every moment of it. I will definitely consider coming to future balls and want to say thanks to all of those who helped make this event happen.

Jennifer Jackson Masquerade Ball attendee)

Just wanted to let you know that the Viennese Ball was one of the best dances I have ever attended. It was a great crowd and I was impressed how many people had really learned how to waltz. I had so much fun. Thank you for all your hard work.

Stuart Denyer. (Viennese Ball attendee)

I want to take a moment and thank you for putting on the Tango last night at the Organization of American States. It was, without a doubt, the most enjoyable evening I have had all year. The building is beautiful, the music was fantastic, the people were cheerful, I couldn't ask for more. I spoke with a number of people last night who completely agreed. It would be absolutely fantastic if you could have more Milongas just like this.

Adrian Van Gorder, Woodbridge, VA

I'd have to say you run a fine organization and commend you and your organization on exceptional service, professionalism, and high quality. I will highly recommend your events to all my friends and co-workers.

Dieu N.

I just want to commend you for the wonderful job you are doing bringing the international community together. I went to the happy hour last night at the Hilton, which was my first time attending one of ICDC's events and it was great. I'll be seeing you more often.

Cesar Vence (International Happy Hour Attendee)

The Swiss concert last night was the first event that my husband and I have attended and both of us found it to be very charming, well organized and just all around delightful. We enjoyed the atmosphere, the concert, the food and talking to other ICDC members. We are new members to the club and we look forward to attending many more events and the friendships that we will form. Thank you again.

Kurt Hegetschweiler Renee Hamilton (Attendee of Swiss Embassy Reception)

Congratulations to the excellent Viennese Evening you organized last Saturday. It was a truly amazing event and everybody I talked to had a lot of fun. Look forward to more similar events in the future.

Michael Friedl, Austrian Embassy Commercial Attache. (Viennese Ball attendee)

I just wanted to thank you and your committee for organizing such a wonderful ball. My husband and I and our guests danced the night away. The bands were excellent and of course the Museum is a wonderful venue for such an affair. Please let all those who participated in the organizing that it was indeed an enchanted evening. Thank you again for such a lovely evening. We are looking forward to our next International event.

Zena Thomas (Midsummer Night's Ball attendee)

My husband and I enjoyed the previous ball so much we came back with my lobbying firm's senior partner and his wife. It was even better than before! Everything was lovely (and this group is hard to impress) -- dinner, service, music, dessert and especially the venue! Don't change a thing -- the catering was excellent and the locale really fit the evening. Now my colleague is interested in attending other Club events and will be joining the International Club as well. Thanks for all you do!

Leslie Blakey (Viennese Ball attendee)

Thanks for the lovely boat ride on the Nightingale last week Friday. What a great way to show my friends from Chicago the city at night. They really enjoyed themselves and I appreciate the last minute accommodations you provided. The food was quite good and of course the margaritas were flowing all night. Thanks again and have a wonderful summer.

Sinagra, Christine(Attendee of Sunset Cruise)

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful and well organised evening at the Gala Ball. We particularly liked the exhibition dancing and the Brazilian band, but to pick out these high points is not to lessen the fact that the whole evening was very enjoyable, thank you. Accordingly I have booked the Viennese ball and I am bringing someone else who I know will have a great time.

David W. Stebbings (Attendee of Masquerade Ball)

We just returned home from the concert. It was absolutely wonderful!!!! No words would be enough to express the delight of such a cultural performance. Merci bien!

Bertha C. Good and Paul L. Good (attendee of French Embassy Baroque Concert)

Heartiest felicitations for the stellar arrangements at the ICDC Summer Ball at Dumbarton House last weekend. The exquisite venue, fabulous music and sumptuous food gave luster to the magnificent evening. It was a delightful gathering where I got to socialize and dance with a galaxy of old friends while making hordes of new ones. I had a truly wonderful time. Thanks ICDC!.

Q. Rumman Dastgir

enjoyed those which I have been privileged to attend. Even more, I have been so happy to receive word of all the great offerings the Club has. Many thanks for putting together such a phenomenal program of events! I look forward to being in attendance at one real soon.

Alicia Hughes

English Translation: I finally went on the International Club of DC Web site and, I'm am very disappointed... I didn't check it out earlier! It's been a long time I have been looking for this type of organization to meet foreigners in Washington and venture out outside my Franco-French group. I cannot wait to participate in one of the events. Original Comments in French: Je suis finalement allee voir le site de international club dc, et je suis bien decue...de ne pas l'avoir fait plus tot! Moi qui souhaite depuis si longtemps trouver ce genre d'organisation pour rencontrer des etrangers a Washington et sortir un peu de mon groupe de franco-francais, je suis impatiente de participer a un des evenements.

Florence Thomas, French Embassy

I just wanted to thank you for arranging the stellar gala yesterday. The food was great, the atmosphere even better. I had a fabulous evening waltzing and swinging to the lovely music with some of my favorite dance partners, and even tried a salsa (I think for the first time!). I had a truly WONDERFUL time, and I look forward to participating in your future events.

Rumman Dastgir (Midsummer Night's Ball attendee)

Wonderful behind-the-scenes tour! When the lions began roaring at each other, while we stood five feet away, and the cement floor shook with the incredible rumbling of their roars -- that's a life-long memory. And bravo for your usual care in arranging the event. For example, everyplace that serves "white or red" nearly always offers just Chardonnay (and red plonk); you had a Sauvignon as well. Thanks for another great event!

Jim Dulicai (attendee of "Meet the Great Cats!" - private tour & reception at the National Zoo)

Thank you for your generous donation to the Francois-Xavier Bagnound US Foundation. Your support of the FXB programs enables FXB to continue its humanitarian efforts to provide medical and educational treatment and support, as well as relief from poverty, hunger, suffering and the assurance of basic human rights to children and their families affected by the AIDS pandemic. Your contribution to FXB is greatly appreciated, and every dollar will be spent directly on the FXB program costs for programs benefiting children in India who are affected by AIDS.

Eileen C. Marsan, Director of Finance and Administration, FXB US Foundation.

I just wanted to say that I had such a fantastic time at the tennis event today. Beautiful weather, and fantastic coaches!!!! Thanks for organizing such an event, it made my weekend!

Julia Beyer

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use my language skills tonight. I love teaching other people while also keeping up my language skills. The people I met tonight were extremely nice and diverse in their backgrounds and I learned a lot. I look forward to the next occasion.

Christian Holz

Congratualtions! The Masquerade Ball last night was a great success. My husband, John, and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. We met many wonderful people. Some from Germantown and Anapolis, MD and others were all the way from Sacramento, CA. The guests' costumes and masks were so colorful. The music was very enjoyable. Plenty of delicious foods and wine; and an exquisite display of delicious deserts. It's the best Masquerade Ball in Washington, D.C!

John and Apaula Brown (Attendee of Masquerade Ball)

My wife and I truly enjoyed the French Embassy Lua, on Saturday. The event was not only well orchestrated but was very well attended. I wanted to Thank You, for a most memorable evening.

Craig C. Kraber (Attendee of French Embassy Luau)

My friends and I adored the gala. The tango demonstration was a special treat, and the costumes and masks livened the atmosphere.

Christina Cope (Attendee of Fall Gala & Masquerade Ball)

I have been getting your emails for quite a while... and I must admit, I am very impressed with what you and your colleagues/peers are trying to accomplish. Your team has done a remarkable job providing diverse events from a cultural, social and intellectual standpoint.

Bharet Malhotra

What imaginative events you have planned! Simply wonderful ideas. Congratulations.

Carol Traxler

Thank you so very much for the fabulous Viennese Ball. The incredible ambiance and atmosphere of the National Museum of Women in the Arts lent itself extremely well to the panache and ├ęclat of the ball. I was very impressed with the orchestra and their amazing musical presentation. The dancing was superb; I particularly enjoyed the choreographed dancing with the instructors. And of course the desert buffet was an epicurean feast. I heartily look forward to your next event.

Eric Carlson (Attendee of Viennese Ball)

Now that I am back and settled back in from my trip to Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Qatar (though I am still experiencing jet lag), I thought I would write to let you know how much I appreciated all the hard work you put into planning the trip to Sri Lanka. It truly was a trip of a lifetime and I will never forget it. The care and thought that was put into planning the trip was obvious. We got to see so much of the country and appreciate it for all of its diversity. Thank you much for pulling it all together. Thanks again for everything,

Sharon L. Taylor

I am a recent ICDC member and new to the area. I attended my very first ICDC event today and I was amazed at the superb organization. I just wanted to send you a note and thank you for founding this organization.

Shailini Jariwala

I doubt that anyone enjoyed this concert more than Myriam Avalos and I. Myriam is a concert pianist, associated with the National Symphony Orchestra, and a very successful chamber musician. Congratulations on stumbling across this recital, and thanks for your email, or I would not have heard about the concert.

Burnett Thompson Music (Austrian Embassy Holzmaier concert attendee)

The Languages of the World event was surely lots of fun. I can see why this is one of the ICDC signature events! Everybody seemed to have learned a lot in a fun, friendly atmosphere. Your events are well-organized and participant-oriented. The people at the Japanese Table have been exchanging e-mail and some of us met up at the Japan-America Society event yesterday.

Yuri Sakamaki (Attendee of Languages of the World Discussion)

Man Oh! Man Alive I tell you dear, members and group leaders: I am so looking forward to joining your club and not simply to meet a fabulously fun and interesting group of people, but the events are so wonderfully varied and so dynamite in fun and socializing. I Simply cannot wait!

Kelly Carson

I had alot fun at the cruise. You guys did a real good job on organizing such a nice event, the food was also very good - as usual - as was the company. Looking forward to do more stuff with ICDC!

Ulrike Ulrike Koehler (July 4th Potomac River Cruise attendee)

We had a marvelous evening and everything was perfect. I cannot wait to see the pictures! The venue was beautiful and very appropriate. And the waiting staff was very nice and very polite.

Maryse Beliveau (Viennese Ball attendee)

just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you that I really enjoy the ICDC events, the crowd and being involved in the organization. I think you're doing a great job organizing quality events and I think the increasing number of members and the popularity of the events show it. Good job!

Chris Scheid

I truly admire your work and give you credit for your initiative. The activities and events are enjoyable and definitely present a medium to interact in a relaxed atmosphere. I find extraordinary that ICDC's activities contribute and assist the victims of Tsunami in Sri Lanka.

Laura Cruz

Thanks so much for accommodating us last Friday night. We had a great time on the cruise. My husband and I are planning to become members and start enjoying the rest of your wonderful activities. Everyone seems so nice and friendly... Can't wait to see how the pictures turned out!

Sue Ezzati (Attendee of Margarita Cruise on the Potomac River)

We thought the Viennese Ball was beautiful. I travel all over the world but I thought the Ball was one of the loveliest events I've attended in this country.

Carla Martin (Attendee of Viennese Ball)

I want to tell you how much my husband and I enjoyed the Midsummer's Ball. Loved to waltz and the desserts were great.

Mary and Jack Kerr (Attendee of Midsummer Night's Ball)

Thanks for hosting a wonderful event. A warm latin beat on a cool winter evening--who can ask for anything more?

Michael Kubik

Thank you for the splendid event organized by your team. I and other colleagues and friends certainly enjoyed a delicious evening of incredible people and dance!

Claudia Camelia Cotca (Attendee of Masquerade Ball)

I wanted to take this opportunity and thank you again for undertaking such complex tasks, I know they are not easy to organize. We all are looking forward to your upcoming events. You have made a big difference in the Washington social scene. Keep up with the good work!

Cathy Khosrovian

...we will continue to take advantage of as many ICDC events as possible. ICDC is truly an amazing organization. We chesrish the good times and especially the new friendships made possible by your efforts.

Gary Jean

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you in your endeavors to bring internationally minded people together around interesting events and outings. Today, is my 3-week anniversary. I arrived here on 15 April after 5 years at Paris. An acquaintance I met in Paris who lives here sent me a link to your Web page on Tuesday and I immediately signed up, because you have such enticing events planned.

Vevlyn Wright

Thanks for the excellent scotch-tasting gig at the embassy of Britain last Friday. Our group had an excellent time, and we learned a lot. And thanks again with the help in letting us get that fourth ticket for out party at the last minute.

Steve Demers (Attendee of Scotch Tasting at the British Embassy)

I would like to give you and other members of ICDC my feedback from the Salsa & Merengue Lesson/Latin Dance event yesterday evening at Andalu. Please know that this was my first time participating at an ICDC event and simply put, I had a nice time. Participants were friendly and I enjoyed myself tremendously dancing Salsa/Merengue.

Teresa Yacoub

Compliments on a well organized event. This was the first time I had attended the Gala and found it to be an enchanting event, which I intend to repeat in the future.

Luis Bauza (Attendee of Fall Gala and Masquerade Ball)

My family just wanted to thank you and Olivia for a wonderful time. They are so thrilled and happy. They truly enjoyed themselves at the museum. I can't wait for future events.

Margie Anne

Just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed the visit to the West Wing of the National Gallery of Art and am eagerly looking forward to your future events.

Jayshree Ragan

Everything was done so beautifully last night. You and your team of volunteers should be pleased with all your hard work and how much it paid off.

Marla Moffet (Attendee of Fall Gala and Masquerade Ball)

Congratulations on a great picnic yesterday. I had a really great time yesterday amidst all the terrific people and food. I've enjoyed the past couple of ICDC events I've attended and look forward to others in the future.

Ryan Turner

The ball was a wonderful elegant event that seemed like a dream! We look forward to attending again next year! Thanks for organizing it... you did a superb job!

Marian (Attendee of Viennese Ball)

I recently joined International Club of DC. I am very impressed with the activities/events of the club. Please accept my congratulations for providing such a great place for people to meet and make friends.


It was my first International Club of DC event and I had 6 friends from Philly come down to attend. We really enjoyed the event.

Mary Tung (Attendee of Fall Gala and Masquerade Ball)

Thanks for putting together tonight's language event. You did a fine job and I hope there are more language events to come! I really enjoyed it and also want to commend Paola for facilitating our group and doing a great job gearing the talk to all different levels of proficiency and interests. I'm sure that all of us who braved the weather to attend were glad we did!


I just wanted to thank you for organizing a terrific Halloween party. It was my very first Halloween party and for my twin sister Mags also. It will set the standard for all Halloween parties in the future.

Tina O' Reilly (Attendee of Halloween Party)

I immensely enjoyed the Indian cooking class. I love Indian food and I love Surinder, the Chef. He is truly the Best Chef in the World and Atul, the Manager is truly pleasant and a Great Teacher of Indian food. I met some interesting people at my table and we exchanged email addresses.

Loretta Osei-Gray (Attendee of Indian cooking class)

Thanks so much for organizing the trip and the club overall! We look forward to many more events and making friends. It was a pleasure meeting you Friday.

Chris and Marcy Hemrick

Congratulations for the work you do with the International Club, I went to a couple of events and it is always fun and well organized!

Francois Ganneau

Thank you again for organizing today's trip - it is a great organization and I look forward to future trips and events. I am glad I found out about ICDC. Your web site is very nice too - it is the best web site i have seen for this type of organization.

Jason Harris (attendee of Great Falls VA hike)

Thank you for a wonderful evening. The Midsummer's Night Ball (Vienna Waltz/Latin dance) was once again a magical and enchantingly beautiful evening--with wonderful food, elegant atmosphere, and great live bands. The Vienna Waltz performance was the high point. All in all, I will recommend this event to my friends!

Gloria Kupstas (Midsummer Night's Ball attendee)

I just wanted to say thank you for such a great event yesterday at the National Cathedral! I had never attended an ICDC event before, and my first one was a fascinating experience. I look forward to attending more events in the future. Thanks again.

Rachel Morowitz

We had a wonderful time at your New Year's Eve celebration -- all 6 of us and in different age groups. That says a lot about the event!

Suzanne Hairston

Thank you for coordinating last night's dance event at the French Embassy... I enjoyed the lesson and meeting new friends. I'll be looking for other events, especially ballroom dance events. And hope to attend.

Diana L. Chen

I was so happy to have been a part of the tour. Touring the Cathedral has been something I've wanted to do in all my years of living in this area, 4 1/2 years so far. I'm looking forward to the other events the ICDC holds. Thank you again a memorable experience.

Iris Salazar

We just wanted you to know that we had a wonderful time at your NYE Gala. It was well done! From the hotel choice, to the bands, to the caterer, to the folks checking people in...it was all orchestrated with finesse and sparkle. We truly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you for making it a memorable 2016 NYE celebration.

Vlad Pambucol

Thank you for the wonderful evening. Everyone was so gracious. The food and drinks were wonderful. The presentation was so informative. We hope to visit Montenegro soon.

Theodore & Eva Shiells