Volvo Diplomat Program & Don Beyer Volvo are Proud Sponsors of the International Club of DC.

The International Club of DC gratefully acknowledges the sponsorship of our cultural events by Volvo’s Diplomat Program and Don Beyer Volvo. Volvo has been serving the community of diplomats in DC and around the country through Don Beyer Volvo and the Beyer Auto Group for the past 40 years. As a sponsor of the International Club of DC, Volvo’s Diplomat Program is pleased to offer our members and diplomats special offers on Volvos.

For Diplomat Customers

Volvo’s Diplomat Program is the strongest in the industry and welcomes the diplomatic community to take advantage of its benefits:

Diplomats get amazing savings on Volvo cars in addition to tax and customs exemption.

Multiple Country Specifications
Diplomats are eligible to buy vehicles of U.S. specification or that of their home country. Many diplomats will bring their Volvos home at the end of their assignment.

Official and Personal Vehicles
Diplomats and diplomatic organizations can purchase a vehicle every year. Up to 15% additional savings are available through Volvo’s official car program.

For All Other Customers

Don Beyer Volvo has served the DC area for over 40 years with the sale of over 50,000 Volvos and performed more than a million Volvo services.

More than just selling cars, Beyer Volvo is intimately connected to the lives of customers and the community through sponsorship of events, community festivals, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Beyer family is a deep part of the fabric of its community as well as Volvo in the United States.

With three Volvo locations in the DC area, Beyer Volvo has an extensive selection of Volvos in the country with sales and and management professionals dedicated to provide International Club of DC members with excellent care through the entire lifecycle of owning a Volvo.

The Beyer Auto Group also includes Land Rover, Subaru, Kia, and Volkswagen dealerships and welcomes both International Club of DC members and the diploat community.