Tour of the US Capitol with Walking Tour from Union Station
Explore the exterior architectural majesty of Union Station, Library of Congress, and the Supreme Court, culminating in a tour of the US Capitol

Event Date

Saturday, February 24, 2024 at 12:20 PM

Event Address

Inside Union Station, Street Level, Main Hall at the entrance to the East Hall
50 Massachusetts Avenue, N.E.
Washington DC 20002

Requested Attire

Please dress accordinng to the weather and wear comfortable shoes for walking. The tour will be presented rain, shine, or snow.

Event Description

Join us for a special private tour of the exterior architecture of the eastern end of the National Mall, culminating in the interior of the US Capitol. The tour starts at Union Station, where you will have the chance to enjoy the breathtaking 96-foot coffered ceilings which have made Union Station “one of the finest examples of Beaux-Arts style of architecture.”

The tour will continue walking towards the Supreme Court and Library of Congress (exterior of both covered in the tour), as you take in the architectural wonder of the outer edifice of the buildings of the East National Mall, ending at the Capitol.

Our Capitol interior tour starts with a 15 minute presentation of the history and architecture of this grand monument to democracy. During the tour, discover the spacious awe-inspiring interior of the Capitol, which features a majestic mural depicting great heroes in American history. This is a great opportunity to meet other ICDC members and appreciate the history and national heritage of United States. Our museum and gallery tours are some of our most popular events, and frequently sell out well in advance.

Please reserve your tickets early, as capacity is limited. Please also note that due to construction projects or security considerations some parts of the US Capitol might be excluded during the tour of the interior of the US Capitol.


All online ticket sales are final. We are unable to issue refunds for tickets purchased due to expenses incurred to present the event.

Event Agenda (May change)

Meet INSIDE the Union station in the Main Hall at the entrance to the East Hall at the designated time. We will begin the tour 5 minutes (sharp!) afterwards. Kindly note that if you arrive late and miss the tour we are unable to offer refunds.

After the walking tour (About 45 minutes), we will arrive as a group at the Capitol for the security check. The tour of the interior of the US Capitol starts after an orientation film at the Capitol. Please note that food, liquids, knives, lighters, and large bags are not allowed at the US Capitol The interior portion of the tour conducted by a docent at the US Capitol will take about an extra 45 minutes.

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We greatly appreciate your contribution towards the International Club of DC Inc by making your reservation. Your support makes it possible for us to present diverse cultural events to our members. Kindly note that your contribution is unrelated to the embassy or venue the event is being presented at and all proceeds from the event are used solely by International Club of DC Inc. to cover expenses related to presenting cultural events to our members.


Please note, we will not be meeting at the US Capitol! Instead, we will be meeting inside Union Station at the Main Hall near the entrance to the East Hall on the street level at the designated time. The meeting location is outlined with a red star on the map below. We will proceed as a group for the US Capitol Tour. Please arrive on time at the designated meeting location on time and note that we are unable to issue a refund and are not responsible for locating you if you arrive later or at a location other than the one outlined below.

Please note that the map is enclosed below as a courtesy to you and for your convenience but we do not guarantee the accuracy of the map or the directions provided by Google. It is your responsibly to arrive safely and on time at the address of the event disclosed above.

Parking is limited to street parking in the vicinity of the venue. Kindly note that, as is the case in most major cities, the availability of street parking in Washington DC is limited and beyond our control. Due to the limited availability of parking, we highly recommend a cab, Uber/Lyft or other transportation option. The event start at the designated time so please allow sufficient time for traffic/travel/transportation and parking as these factors are beyond our control.

Event Notes

About the U.S. Capitol: The United States Capitol is the meeting place of the United States Congress, the legislature of the federal government of the United States. Located in Washington, D.C., it sits atop Capitol Hill at the eastern end of the National Mall. Though not in the geographic center of the District of Columbia, the Capitol is the origin by which the quadrants of the district are divided. Officially, both the east and west sides of the Capitol are referred to as "fronts". Historically, however, the east front was the side of the building intended for the arrival of visitors and dignitaries. 

The Capitol has a long history in art of the United States, beginning in 1856 with Italian/Greek American artist Constantino Brumidi and his murals in the hallways of the first floor of the senate side of the Capitol. The murals, known as the Brumidi Corridors, reflect great moments and people in United States history. Among the original works are those depicting Benjamin Franklin, John Fitch, Robert Fulton, and events such as the Cession of Louisiana. Also decorating the walls are animals, insects and natural flora indigenous to the United States. Brumidi's design left many spaces open so that future events in United States history could be added. Among those added are the Spirit of St. Louis, the Moon landing, and the Challenger shuttle crew. 

Please note that the tour of the US Capitol is free for those who sign up for our walking tour.

Before entering the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, all visitors are screened by a magnetometer, and all items that are permitted inside the building are screened by an x-ray device. Visitors should keep their belongings with them at all times as unattended items may result in a disruption of service at the Capitol.
While certain exceptions for medical needs can be made, the following items are strictly prohibited:
• Liquid, including water
• Food or beverage of any kind, including fruit and unopened packaged food
• Non-aerosol sprays (Prescriptions for medical needs are permitted.)
• Any bag larger than 18” wide x 14” high x 8.5” deep
• Knives of any size
• Aerosol containers
• Any pointed object, e.g., knitting needles and letter openers. (Pens and pencils are permitted.)
• Electric stun guns, martial arts weapons or devices
• Guns, replica guns, ammunition and fireworks
• Mace and pepper spray
• Razors and box cutters